A website designed for a stable company.
My Horsebox is all about design work, I love showing off this site. It was created for the sole purpose of this portfolio to show my design skills. Take a look for yourself. I'm sure you'll enjoy this website as much as I do.

Responsible for :

  • Branding
  • Consultation & Concept design
  • Logo Design
  • Website design
  • Website Development

I firstly came up with a design by creating mock-ups and wire frames using graphic packages like Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator and Fireworks. I looked at similar type websites online to establish what I felt worked and would like to incorporate into my design.

I started creating a colour scheme and a layout. I then found suitable images that were high quality. I edited and formatted the images to fit in with my design, by resizing and editing the images. I used these images then to create banners and logos I then used on the website. I used Illustrator and In Design to created my logo and banner.

I created the website in Adobe Dreamweaver, coding with HTML, CSS and some Javascript. I also used some Bootstrap features to enhance the design and increase the websites responsiveness. The CSS of this website design, like all my websites, are in an external Cascading Style Sheet, so the style effects can be implemented all at once across the whole site. I used validitors to ensure website viability.

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