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About me

Hi, my name is Niamh Landers. I am a freelance Web Designer available to improve your business potential. I am qualified to create everything from Websites to Logos to Social Media Campaigns.

At the moment I work freelance, creating and managing websites for clients.

I adore creating clean, modern, well designed interactive websites and logos. I achieve this by coding with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Word Press, Joomla and tools like bootstrap. I also design with Photoshop and Illustrator.

I'm constantly using and developing my skills and abilities. I like the creativity of designing within guidelines to meet the clients needs. I plan to add Javascript enhancements to this website over the coming weeks.

Technical Skills



I love music and attending concerts. Music inspires me and makes me feel the world a better place. There is a song for every mood I find myself in. I have a very broad taste in music and love to find new hidden treasures. Currently I'm loving 80's music and pop/rock such as P!nk and The Script.

Also I love chocolate and taking long spins to unknown destinations in my baby(my car).