What your web designs say about you

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As web designers, we know that our work is our way of putting our stamp out there to be seen.We take time and consideration when choosing everything; from color schemes to layouts and from content to our own unique way to write code.

Our work always says something about us as designers, whether we mean it to or not. What does yours say about you?

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Inspiration, where are you??

inspiration blog

So, I have decided to start a new blog to inspire myself…. and who knows maybe others along the way… in my quest to create great websites.

As a web designer myself, I know, a perfect online portfolio is something we always strive for and rarely feel we've achieved. We want to create a design that defines us and our work, so that once an employer sees it, they will hire us on the spot.

It needs to show your skills and experience, how you generate and execute ideas, basically your whole creative process.

Everyone has different opinions on what exactly an online design portfolio should look like, which makes it difficult for someone beginning to design their portfolio to decide where to begin.

Well here are a few unspoken but well used golden rules and practices that will hopefully help you on that illusive 'yellow brick road' to your successful web design portfolio.

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What's the right Path to creating that Perfect Portfolio??

The first thing that I asked myself was 'what makes great web design'?!?

What a daunting question that is….

For each of us, the idea of what makes a well designed website varies? For some it may be clean layouts and simple responsive designs, to other it may be more to do with graphics and all the “flashy” extras if you’ll please excuse the pun.

But one thing we can all agree on, is that usability and responsive design are key. Especially in a rapidly growing mobile market.

So when I get stuck for good web design ideas or just feel exhausted when it comes to design and development, I have various tools I use to help inspire me.

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